Build custom apps 10X faster

Build web applications 10 times faster

You can build everything from the first MVP of your startup to enterprise operational software on

Quickly create custom web applications powered by business data.

No coding or design skills are required.

Easy automation for

Time savings

Enterprise-level of


Without development resources

Cost savings

Through drag-and-drop


Manage your data in one place by connecting various data sources.

Execute a Zero-to-One strategy with Experience turning an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) into an MVP (Most Valuable Product) step by step. Easy data management and component reuse help you manage costs effectively. Additionally, collaboration becomes smoother, and the reduced development difficulty enhances productivity.

  • Manage various data sources, including Excel, email, web forms, and PostgreSQL, all within one app.
  • Reduce risks with transparent data management.
  • Minimize unnecessary communication with improved data visibility

After connecting data,
swiftly create interfaces

Create dashboards and admin interfaces effortlessly using's templates and UI components, seamlessly integrating with your data sources for automated workflows.

  • Anyone can create web pages through drag-and-drop.
  • Create your own app with database integration and automated workflow execution.
  • Build dashboards and admins without the need for developer resources.

You can develop a variety of full-stack web applications all in one place facilitates the easy collection and connection of business data, allowing users to visualize and automate data in the desired format.


Manage databases like editing spreadsheets, providing a powerful software development environment.

Manipulate data using a familiar interface similar to spreadsheets, and use it for software development.

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Swiftly develop web application with various components

Connect pre-developed components such as drop-downs, text boxes, and data tables to develop applications tailored to your needs in minutes or hours.

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Create automated workflows through block combinations

Implement workflows quickly and easily with over 70 diverse blocks, suitable for repetitive schedule-based software.

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Discover the future value of, from integrating various SaaS services to developing your own plugins.

Introduce generative AI called NadooAI uses AI to automate manual tasks in software development, creating impressive user experiences and reducing burdens on developers and non-technical users alike.

Not only corporate back-office solutions but also development of beautifully designed pages.

For perfect automation, it's crucial not to miss anything

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Manage the increasing number of software applications every year through

Create your own MVP using to manipulate data.

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