Build your own system without developers

Build internal tool easily and quickly

Connect data and swiftly build the UI to publish internal tool using

Facing difficulties in internal software development due to lack of development resources and high costs?

The biggest problems teams face building internal tools

Struggling with internal tool development due to resource shortages and high costs?

Discover the advantages of using for internal tool

Over 30% of dev resources typically invested in back-office software.
Solve shortages with

Easy automation for

Time savings

Enterprise-level of


Without development resources

Cost savings

Through drag-and-drop


The simplest data management app for business

Centrally connect diverse data sources

Automate internal tool development with for efficient cost management and improved collaboration.

  • Manage various data sources, including Excel, email, web forms, and PostgreSQL, all within one app.
  • Reduce risks with transparent data management.
  • Minimize unnecessary communication with improved data visibility

After connecting data,
swiftly create interfaces

Build dashboards and admin interfaces with's templates and UI components for seamless data integration. Automate workflows based on connected data for enhanced functionality.

  • Anyone can create web pages through drag-and-drop.
  • Create your own app with database integration and automated workflow execution.
  • Build dashboards and admins without the need for developer resources.

Manage various data generated in your work all at once facilitates the easy collection and connection of business data, allowing users to visualize and automate data in the desired format.


Manage fragmented Excel data in one app

Connect scattered data and swiftly build a UI to publish internal tool.

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Swiftly develop internal tool with various components

Connect pre-developed components such as drop-downs, text boxes, and data tables to develop tools tailored to your needs in minutes or hours.

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Create automated workflows through block combinations

Implement workflows quickly and easily with over 50 diverse blocks, suitable for repetitive schedule-based software.

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Handle everything
from data extraction
to document creation at once

Through's app, you can automate the entire process from data collection using a no-code web form builder to document generation.

Easily gather data with a no-code web form builder
Automate document creation by registering document templates to match specific formats.
Automate the extraction of document content from specific locations.
Manage individual user files efficiently.

From external service integration
to the nadoo-made apps

Introduce generative AI and OCR

Automate text document organization with generative AI and OCR. No need to exclude scanned docs.

Not only internal tool
but also building customer sites

For perfect automation, it's crucial not to miss anything

More app integrations

Manage the increasing number of software applications every year through

In-house supported app micro-pages and crawlers

  • Simplify data collection with more powerful micro-pages than web forms.
  • Handle the entire process of data automation in one go with continually added in-house apps.

Systematize internal data with

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