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Connect scattered information and easily oversee internal software with an intuitive UI.

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Boost your business innovation
with the simplest database.

Minimize communication with internal software automation.

  • Cost-effective management with easy data handling and component reuse.
  • Enhance workflow efficiency with seamless collaboration and reduced development complexity. centralizes diverse data sources.

  • Manage Excel, emails, web forms, and PostgreSQL in one place.
  • Reduce data silo risks with transparent data management.


How to use

Utilize for data connection and integration from various daily tasks.

Step 1

Data connection

Transform Google Sheets or Airtable Bases into PostgreSQL tables with a few clicks. Schedule tasks to fetch data from third-party APIs automatically.

Step 2

Easy like a spreadsheet

Add tables, columns, and fields effortlessly. Directly filter, sort, search, and manage data.

Step 3

Build and manage apps and data in one place

Swiftly create apps while editing data models. enables rapid development on the developer platform.


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Implement fast workflow automation with over 50 diverse blocks.

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