Create automated workflows through block combinations

Easily implement repetitive, schedule-based software workflows by connecting over 50 diverse blocks.

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Boost your business
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It's time to put an end
to repetitive tasks with workflows

Without coding,
Automate your tasks.

Apply trigger and action concepts to envision scenarios that suit your needs.


When an event registered with the trigger occurs,
the automation scenario begins.

Email (Trigger) - Receive an email (Event)


Once the trigger is executed,
connected actions run sequentially.

Google Sheets (Action) - Add a column to a specific sheet (Event)


Start smoother automation supports various software used in business.
Connect the supported features of business software
through's block format and create your own automation bot.

Create automated workflows through block combinations.

Integrate the tools you use daily in your work through, connecting features to build a unified program. Feel the change in your daily work routine and productivity.

  • Integration and support for international business software.
  • Customization of automation in the desired form by the user.
  • Access to automation task execution logs and details.

Multifaceted Software Integration

Leverage the various supported APIs for tasks such as messaging and cloud services. No need for custom development

  • Expand data connectivity through SaaS partnerships.

Not sure how to start automation?

Experience the beginning of business innovation with NadooIO's AI tools. Enter the contents to automate in the workflow scenario generator using simple sentences, and AI will recommend a tailored scenario.

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Implement workflows quickly and easily with over 50 diverse blocks connected to a repetitive schedule-based software.

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