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Connect pre-developed components such as dropdowns, text boxes, and data tables to create the tools you want within minutes or days.

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Enhance your company's business with a new and user-friendly interface

Automate data collection from emails or file-based sources using the web builder.

Say goodbye to wasting work hours on meaningless copy-pasting.

  • Easily configure data collection interfaces using provided components.
  • Automatically load collected data into the database without extra interaction.

Create interfaces in a snap after data connection.

Develop dashboards and admin panels effortlessly using templates and UI components. Deliver more than just a simple web builder by seamlessly connecting with various data sources. Build an interface for executing automated workflows based on connected data.

  • Anyone can create web pages using drag-and-drop.
  • Generate your own app with dashboard and admin features, including database integration and automated workflow execution.
  • Build dashboards and admins without the need for developer resources.


How to use provides tools to collect user data.
Connect and integrate data from various daily tasks.

Step 1

Select web components.

Convert Google Sheets or Airtable Bases to PostgreSQL tables in a few clicks. Maintain data standards with automatically generated primary keys, PostgreSQL field types, and data validation. Schedule background tasks to periodically fetch data from third-party APIs using NadooIO.

Step 2

Create an interface.

Customize your interface similar to spreadsheets to quickly build and test schemas.

Step 3

Develop an app.

From database connection to automation, build quickly apps and databases on the NadooIO platform.


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Connect pre-developed components such as dropdowns, text boxes, and data tables to swiftly develop the tools you desire within minutes or days.

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